Reasons why I can’t be trusted.. (with a camera)

Scan 10


Dear Doe,

How pretty I am looking.. That actually is one of the better photos.  Not taken by me.

It was a night of lasts last night.

The lovely lovely Irish girls, the funny as f*** Chris and my P were all off on the same bus this morning.. back to Brisbane.

So of course we saw them all off in style.

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A home from home..





Apple thinning


Dear Doe,

It’s been a while, sorry.  But I have been so so busy.

Working and Playing  😉

I am in Sunny Stanthorpe, thinning apples at the mo, something I never imagined doing (yeah that’s me up there).

The days are sooo looonggg..

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Begging, Borrowing and Stealing (ish)

Me at the Rugby

Dear Doe,

Two things.  Firstly, I LOVE Australia.  Secondly, I LOVE Australia.

I’ve been staying in Tinbillys Hostel, in Brisbane.  After wasting my measly savings on my trip to Fraser Island.. or rather on a trip to rescue my bra, I was skint.

I was in that frame of mind where I knew I needed to work but at the same time I really didn’t want to have to.  Not yet.

So I did what every self respecting lone female traveller would do, I begged, borrowed and stole.  Continue reading

Chasing dreams (and Bras)


Dear Doe,

I bloody did it didn’t I.  I got sucked in by this lovely lovely Irish boy and chased him up the Sunshine coast to Fraser Island.  By the time I got there he had moved up the coast again already.  I give up.  I can’t afford to keep chasing him.  No bra is worth that sort of dollar.

So I don’t think I’m going to see him again, but more importantly, I am not going to see my bra again 😦

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Irish Boys and Bras.

My Lifesaver

Dear Doe,

Sorry it has been a while, actually I am not sorry cos I have been having THE BEST TIME!  Mum who?  Norfolk is where now? Haha.

I went out on my first night in Brisbane, walked past a busy busy looking bar, and thought after food I will grace that busy bar with my presence.  However, it took me a few vodka and lemonades in the cafe where I ate my food – all alone 😦 before I could bring myself to walk into the bar on my own.  I cannot walk into pubs on my own.  I hate it.  I have always had to get my friends to meet me outside… But that is the beauty of Vodka and being in a strange country.

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Airport Security, Kangaroos and the Locals.

Scan 1

Dear Doe,

It’s been a coupla days since we last caught up, sorry.. But I have been having THE most weird and wonderful time 🙂

I arrived in Brisbane terrified.  I had an encounter with the scary security men who wanted to check my bags.  He kept asking me:

                “Do ya have any Lollies in your luggage?”

I kept telling him, over and over again that no, I do not have lollies in my bag.  He kept frowning at me, looking at the x-ray machine and asked me again.  “Am I sure?”  Yes I’m frigging well sure I have no lollies in my bag! Stop picking on little ole me.  So he went and got someone to unpack my hand luggage for me, and at the bottom of my bag were some Werther’s Originals.  Which I knew were there.  He then said to me:

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